Building partnerships
Industry-level transformation
Regional development initiatives
Vertical integration

Linking primary production with on-site wholesaling and processing as well as downstream trading are concepts that a lot of effort have been expended on.

Quite often on-farm pack houses, processing facilities such as wine cellars, cold chain facilities and other value-adding facilities form part of integrated business planning.
Examples include Yukon Vuselela (17 beneficiaries)
and R59 Enterprises in Bothaville,
Philippi and Ugu Agricultural
Adama Empowerment
project (Bosman Boerdery near
Wellington, a large project where
beneficiaries (260) are involved not
only in primary agriculture, but in
the whole range of value adding
activities etc.
AgriExpert Vertical Integration
Complex agri-business planning
Project funding
Provincial and district-level strategies
Integrated rural development
Research through professional surveys
Renewable Energy Projects