Adama Apollo Land Reform Launch
Adama Empowerment Project, Bosman Boerdery

What differentiates Adama from other projects is that it’s not really a project but a partnership!
In partnerships it is important to find the right partners. You need to know the partners, trust them and they must be able to make a

260 Permanent farm workers, represented by a board of trustees, formed the Adama Appollo Trust, of which they all are now
beneficiaries. 430 hectares of land was included in the project, with Adama Trust acquiring a 50% share in the land. In a landmark
joint venture, the Adama Workers Trust and the Bosman family of Lelienfontein have formed the biggest upliftment land reform deal
in the wine industry to date. "Although this transaction has a focus on land reform," Petrus said, "we also wanted to give our
workers access to the full value chain; its economic benefits and prospects for social development. We therefore chose a
combination of farmland, operations, cellar and marketing."

Speech: Petrus Bosman, Director: JC Bosman Boerdery (
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Speech: Rita Andreas, Chairperson Adama Appollo Trust (
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