Over the years AgriExpert has been involved with the following partners in various projects:

Cence Collaborative

Cence is an organisation uniquely positioned to address training and development needs within communities around the country, due to its collaborative approach to development. This includes its training systems, networks, existing infrastructure and management experience. Read more.


BKS group is a leading multidisciplinary consulting engineering and management company that
provides services covering the spectrum of Water and Sanitation, Building and structures,
Transportation, Petrochemical pipelines, Environmental, Power, Geotechnical, Project Management,
GIS and Electrical Engineering disciplines.
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Fruits Unlimited

With the remarkable variety of fresh fruit that Southern Africa has to offer, our offer to our
customers is not only unlimited in volume, it is also Unlimited in variety and choice, and
our mission is to fill our fruit basket with a broad selection of the best fruit the region has
to offer. We source and produce fruit nationally throughout South Africa.
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Land Mapping Solutions

Land mapping Solutions offers the services of GIS/GPS data collection, Mapping, Production of maps, GIS analysis (spatial analysis), Geo-database designs and development, GIS datamanagement, CAD conversion to GIS format, Vector and raster manipulation as well as GIS project management.
Contact: 10 Hillcrest Road Montclaire Mitchells Plain, Cape Town, Western Cape 7785. Phone: (02) 1387 1868 f: (08) 6501 9157 Given

Igagasi Consulting Services

The company was founded in 2000 with the purpose of transferring skills through training and workshop facilitation to initially marginalised communities. The scope
lies mostly with expanding the range of Good Governance, Leadership training and community facilitation work and research using qualitative and quantitative
methods of data gathering.
Contact: S'bongile Mthiyane: 071 3262042 / 072 7330176

Tamaron Trading

My skills range from management, finance and administration, change management, mergers, acquisitions, mentorship, social corporate and community-participation based interventions. I am able to work with various and diverse stakeholders including community, church and youth and women groups, local municipalities, corporate business, political parties and civic associations. Contact: Mangaliso Mdlalo: 082 594 8845

Urban Dynamics

URBAN DYNAMICS embarked on a systematic programme of expansion and diversification. Since our modest beginnings, URBAN DYNAMICS has gained experience in a broad spectrum of consulting Town and Regional Planning and Project Management Services and has subsequently grown into a fully-fledged multi-disciplinary firm offering a wide variety of specialized products. Read more
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